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  • Term 2 Newsletter

    Bangalow Preschool Term 2 Newsletter 2014

    We would like to start by saying a big thank you to all the parents. Without your continued support, we would not be able to operate and get to know all your children and families.  

    We would also like to welcome our newest committee member - Rachel Arndt (Addie's mum)

    Congratulation to St Kevin's for a great fate. It was fantastic to see all the parents doing their part for the community. 

    Birthday Shout Outs for Term 2

    Happy Birthday - Wynn 26th May, Mahek and Maya 13th May, Hoa Hoa 10th June, Alice 19th June, Rhys 11th June.

    Up Coming Birthday's 

    Isla 26th July, Lucy 26th July, Bella 29th July (And happy Birthday to Bella's brother Harrison)

    Miss Tash 27th July 

    Staff Members

    For all our new arrivals this term we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our staff members, Miss Natasha Marjanovic (aka Miss Tash) who is our Diploma qualified educational leader. Miss Tash's role is to oversee the curriculum, portfolios, routine, and day-to-day educational experiences the children are involved in. A big congratulation to Miss Elsa Shi (aka Miss Elsa) who has gone on to finish her Diploma. Miss Elsa is very passionate about childcare and brings a fantastic flair to Bangalow Preschool. If you speak Mandarin ONLY, please talk to Miss Elsa.  

    2014-15 Child Care Benefit Budget Measures

    There has been some misleading claims which may have created confusion among some of the families in relation to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR).

    You may have recently received a letter from the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Minister for Early Childhood in relation to alleged 'cuts' or changes to the CCB.

    Can I firstly say to your families that Child Care Assistance is not being "cut".

    In fact, the government is actually increasing overall spending on child care fee assistance payments, including the Child Care Benefit, to $28.5 billion over the next four years.

    Here are the facts:


    Child Care Benefit  eligibility requirements remain unchanged. 


    The amount of CCB a family receives is determined by a family's individual circumstances such as family income, number of children in care, the type of care and hours used.  If a family's income and circumstances do not change from one financial year to the next, there should be no negative impact on their CCB. 


    The Government will continue to index (increase) the CCB standard hourly rate, the weekly rate and the multiple child loadings by the Consumer Price Index from July each year.  In fact, the CCB maximum hourly rate for one child will increase by $0.11 to $4.10 an hour from 7 July 2014, which will result in many families seeing an increase in their Child Care Benefit.


    The Government's Budget decision to maintain income thresholds for CCB eligibility for three years is not a "cut" as the Opposition has claimed.  It is one element of the Government's broader measure to maintain eligibility thresholds for Australian Government payments for three years because it is fiscally responsible to do so.


    Child Care Rebate remains at $7,500 per child, per year, as it was previously. This rate remains in place until 30 June 2017, as announced by the former Government in their 2013-14 Budget.


    Reminder to all parents

    1. Please put water in your child's drink bottle. (no juice or soft drink)

    2. No pillows for rest time.

    3. Separate small foods containers with child's name (one for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea) they need to be small as to fit in the fridge.

    4. Please label all clothes.

    5. No make up days if your child is sick or you go on holidays.

    6. No thongs or singlets. (shoulders will need to be covered)

    7. No caps (full brim hats or hats with a flap on neck) as we are a "sun smart site".

    8. No dress up clothes. (this can cause conflict between children)

    9. No plastic bags, as these can cause suffocation.

    10. No Nut or sesame seeds products including peanut butter.

    11. Hand towel required for all children.

    12. No toys to be brought in unless on their news day.

    13. Please check your pigeon hole regularly for communications.

    14. Please bring in any scrapes for chickens you might have (Our chickens love rice)  

    NQF Parent Committee Request


    Would you like to join our committee as well?


    The Committee will consist of individuals associated with Bangalow Preschool. This committee will provide advice on the day to day issues specific to Bangalow Preschool, in particular, raising monies to purchase equipment. Support and participate in fundraising activities and participate in the management of the centre as guided by the requirements of the staff and children at Bangalow Preschool.


    As a committee member, you are to maintain confidentiality. Sensitive topics may be discussed which require upmost diligence in confidentiality. The committee is encouraged to have as much contact as possible with the users of our service to ensure that their needs are being met, and to work in collaboration with the staff on Bangalow Preschool's policies and operations.


    Meetings will be convened once every term.

    Additional meetings may be called at the request of members or as issues arise. Please speak to Warren if you would like to join.

    Community Board and Advertising your Business

    We have a community board in place to show what you do for work and how you may be able to assist other parents in their endeavours. Please let us know if you would like us to advertise your business, and we will put your advert in our newsletters and on our "Community Board".

    What's New for 2014

    All children has been allocated a news day, please see notice board for your child's day or speak to our friendly staff for more information.

    What's On Around the Area

    Saturday 19 July 2014

    Mission Australia Winter Sleepout

    Help the City of Ryde Mayor raise funds for the homeless.

    Wednesday 23 July 2014

    Authors Platform: Tim Bowden

    Tim will discuss his latest book 'Stubborn Buggers'.

    Sunday 27 July 2014

    Tool-Using Skills Workshop

    Develop your skills with the Traditional Tools Group.

    Sunday 27 July 2014

    National Tree Day

    Join in the community tree planting at Waterloo Park.

    Monday 28 July 2014

    Seniors' Morning Tea: High Tea. Its traditions and history

    Come along for morning tea and a chat.

    Wednesday 30 July 2014

    InFocus: Your Pets - Questions Answered

    Hear the answers to the most common questions asked at the vet.

    Wednesday 30 July 2014

    Business Networking Lunch

    Local business operators invited.

    Thursday 31 July 2014

    Authors Platform: Kate Forsyth

    Kate Forsyth will discuss her new book 'Dancing on Knives'.

    Saturday 16 August 2014

    Leftover Makeover (LOMO) Cooking Demonstration

    Creative cooking ideas for your leftovers.

    Sunday 17 August 2014

    Guided Walk: Field of Mars

    Walk through bushland on Kunzea and Sand Track.


    Healthy Eating

    We are very pleased to see the children bringing in such healthy morning tea's and lunches. It is sometimes a little harder to come up with healthy ideas so it is really great to see the hard effort that has been put in.  also has some great ideas.    

    Parents help

    Could all parents please keep an eye out for input sheets? These sheets will help us programme and will assist us all in getting to know you and your families better. When returning please give to one of our friendly teachers. Also if you are working on something educational at home, please let our staff know so when can incorporate it into our day for you I.E. your child is practicing the letter "Z" or you are practicing animal sounds, counting past 20 etc.

    We would also like to invite any parents willing to donate recycle craft products. I.E old books, egg cartons, boxes, old cloths, or anything else you might have laying around. Bangalow is all about sustainability and this will really help. If you are unsure, please ask one of the staff.

    A big thank you to Bella's mum (Tracy) for bring in some new awesome toys and craft!


    We are looking at ways to make Bangalow a more sustainable centre and to save paper to care for our environment! We could start by emailing Newsletters, Family input sheets and other information rather than printing on paper. We would like for all Parents to go onto the Bangalow website ( or use the QR Barcode in the top left) and enter your email in the "sign up to our newsletter" section.

    Quick Reminder

    Please ensure all articles are labelled with your child's name. No plastic bags to be brought. (These are a choking hazard)

    Kind regards,

    From all the Bangalow team

    Warren Burgess | Director
    Ph. 02 9874 7502
    12 Holway Street | Eastwood | 2122