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"Learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when educators work in partnership with families and communities”

Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world.

We are proud to have second generation Gumleaf Cottage children attend our service.

Why choose Bangalow Preschool?

Bangalow Preschool is a unique and home environment preschool that was created by Vickie Burgess, her son Warren Burgess and his wife Diana Burgess who have an extensive background, experience and passion in early childhood education along with speech pathology. Drawing on our backgrounds we have created a unique early childhood curriculum that incorporates all aspects of child development within a beautiful, culturally diverse environment.   

Our curriculum is holistic as we understand that no one aspect of development is more important than another. Our curriculum aims to equip your child with skills from a number of different areas, including language development, numeracy and literacy, physical growth and coordination, creative arts and social and emotional awareness to name a few.

In addition, Bangalow Preschool’s educational curriculum incorporates Much and Move, ELLA, EYLF, and School Readiness activities from the moment your child is enrolled. We understand that during the preschool years, your child requires certain skills to prepare them for the challenges of starting school. Our program will equip your child with the knowledge and social skills to ensure that the transition to school is not only smooth, but pleasant for both parents and children.

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