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Policies and Procedures

Bangalow Preschool has an extensive list of Policies and Procedures that allow the service to run smoothly and ensures our compliance with National Regulations and Law. Our Policies and Procedures have been divided into the 7 Quality Areas under the National Quality Framework for easy use for both staff and families.

Below is a list of our policies and procedures. To obtain a copy of these policies and procedures please login to the parent portal or visit our service to view the policy and procedure folder located in our front reception area.

Quality Area 1: Education Program and Practice

  • Additional Needs Policy
  • Continuity of Education and Care Policy
  • Education Curriculum and Learning Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Technology Usage Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Activity Floor Plan
  • All About Me Individual Profile Sheet
  • Individual Progress Plans
  • Program and Evaluation Format
  • Observation Record 1
  • Observation Record 2

Quality Area 2: Children's Health and Safety

  • Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy
  • Administration of Medication Policy
  • Chemical Spills Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
  • Emergency Management and Evacuation Policy
  • Emergency Service Contact Policy
  • Epilepsy Management Policy
  • Excursion and Incursion Policy
  • Food, Nutrition and Beverage Policy
  • Head Lice Policy
  • Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy
  • Immunisation and Disease Prevention Policy
  • Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy
  • Infectious Diseases Policy
  • Lockdown Policy
  • Orientation for Children Policy
  • Photograph Policy
  • Physical Activity Promotion Policy
  • Rest Policy
  • Road Safety Policy
  • Safe Storage of Hazardous Chemicals Policy
  • Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing Policy
  • Sun Safety Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Allergy Action Plan
  • Anaphylaxis Action Plan
  • Asthma Action Plan
  • Centre Indoor Cleaning Checklist
  • Chemical Register
  • Immunisation Register
  • Management of Ill Children Register
  • Material Data Safety Sheets Register
  • Ratio sheet
  • Refusal Record
  • Visitors Record

Quality Area 3: Physical Environments

  • Animal and Pet Policy
  • Bush Fire Policy
  • Environmental Sustainability Policy
  • Physical Environment (WHS, Learning and Admin) Policy
  • Sand Pit Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Keeping Pets and Animals in Education and Care Services

Quality Area 4: Staffing Arrangements

  • Educator and Management Policy
  • Governance Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Lock Up Policy
  • Relationships With Children
  • Staffing Arrangements Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Early Childhood Australia Code of Conduct
  • Responsible Persons Register
  • Open and Closing Procedure

Quality Area 5: Relationships with Children

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Relationships With Children Policy

Supporting documents include

  • UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child (Child Friendly Version)

Quality Area 6: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

  • Enrolment policy
  • Family Law and Access Policy
  • Fees Policy
  • Orientation for Children Policy
  • Parental Interaction and Involvement in the Service Policy
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  • Unenrolled Children Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Common Words: Individual Children's Profile Sheet 
  • General Permission Forms for Enrolment
  • Waiting List Form

Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership

  • Annual Philosophy Evaluation
  • Delivery and Collection of Children Policy
  • Educator and Management Policy
  • Fees Policy
  • National Quality Framework Policy
  • Policy and Procedure Review Policy
  • Record Keeping and Retention Policy
  • Staffing Arrangements Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Policy

Supporting documents include

  • Debt Recovery Sample Template
  • Job Descriptions
  • Maintenance Register
  • Manual Handling Procedures Poster
  • Performance Appraisal Forms
  • Professional Development Plans